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TrainzRO represents a site dedicated to Trainz Railroad Simulator 2004 game, a product of Auran.

This is not a commercial site. No section, information, image or product present on this site can be used or distributed for press or commercial purposes without TrainzRO producers agreement. The copyrights are reserved to the authors or contributors of TrainzRO. We also respect copyright rights for materials or informations presented on our pages. Where is the case the copyright information will be mentioned.

TrainzRo is not responsible for content, correctitude, completeness or quality of all informations presented. Also it assumes no responsability or injuries for using content of this site, for any kind of purposes, by outside parts. TrainzRO assumes the right to change the content without making a notice before. The authors reserve the right to select the informations and other data to be published here.

On this site different links to other sites could be present. We asume no responsability for possible changes in addresses, done by creators of the referrenced sites.

TrainzRO is recomended to be visited using Internet Explorer 6.0 and a screen resolution of minimum 800x600. We are not responsible for incorrect view of these web pages if other internet browers are used.

TrainzRO and Romanian Trainz Team are names which belong to the author of this site and were first officialy used in June, 2005, when this site was created. Being first using them, this names should be considered as trademarks(author's moral and material property).

If you disagree with this terms and conditions please do not continue to visit this site. Thank you.

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