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It is time to present you a new version of the well apreciated LDH1250 diesel locomotive. Rompetrol is a private operator in Romania which have in service 9 maneuver locomotives.


After one year and a half of existance, we are proud to present you our logo. All our products will include this logo as a prove that inside is our work and that all authors copyright rules are respected.

TrainzRO was the first site from Romania dedicated to Trainz Railroad Simulator and which offered, to all Trainz fans, Romanian creations.


A new project is almost finished. It is the actual livery used by "CFR Calatori" company for WLABmee passenger traincar. The model of Alessandro Pisani and Nicola Testoni(thank you guys!) does not represent 100% the real passenger traincar but we hope that you will like the new look.

It will not be available as public download(DLS or here) for the moment.


In Links section, related to Trains(from real world), 2 new site references were added. On that sites you can find many photos including some photos from Romania. Also for people interested in creating 3d models for Trainz, some interesting drawings can be found there.


Today 3 new liveries of the diesel locomotive LDH1250 from TrainzRO are available. They represents locomotives used by "CFR Calatori" company and by other 2 private operators, "SEFER" and "GFR".


Most used Romanian shunting locomotive(and not only for shunting), the CFR LDH 1250 with diesel electric engine, is now available on download with a new livery and replace the version 1.0. We hope that you will enjoy first creation of 2006 from TrainzRO.