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Official site of Romanian Railways. Here are a lot of informations about infrastructure, projects, passenger and freight services, timetable services and also you can find a magazine called "The Railway Journal".


Electroputere SA is the company who produce in Romania electric and diesel electric locomotives, urban vehicles and so on. Also it deals with modernization of some locomotives used by Romanian Railways.


On this site the passionates could find a lot of scaled models for sale of different trains, locomotives, wagons, tracks, control equipments and other things, a site wich sell "toys" for childs but also for their parents.


Railwayfan is a Romanian site for passionates of trains and train simulators and of the association "Friends of Railways - Railwayfan Romania". Also there is a forum associated to it where a lot of interesting things are discusses.


As the name says, it's a site dedicated to railways from Europe, it contains a lot of photos and informations for each country and it's very recommended to be visited.


A page about Hungarian Railways and not only that, contains many photos from their country but also from nearby countries.


A hungarian site where you can find nice things, pictures from Romania and a lot of drawings for European passenger and freight cars, a part of them similar to Romanian traincars.


This is a good Czech site dedicated to trains, it provides also a lot of pictures and drawings for European passenger and freight cars