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Official site of TRS2006. On this new website, with a better look and structure, you can find all important informations about the new game, screenshots, downloads and so on.


Official site of TRS2004 creators. You can find all important informations about the game and and Download Station of a lot of 3rd party content addons for the game. Also there is very usefull forum. Register is required.


At Virtual Motive Division site you can find European content but also North American, freeware and also payware. Models have a good level of detail. You also will be happy with some great layouts available for download.


This is Hungarian site dedicated to TRS2004. Tutorials and a lot of custom content specific to Hungary, including locos, wagons, objects and others can be found. In Forum section there is an english area and also you can find nice screenshots of some layouts. Registration is recommended.


Site dedicated to TRS2004 by Czech and Slovakian team. Like the Hungarian site, the content is specific, but there are a lot of similarities with european liveries and the creations have good level of quality.


Italia have also a lot of TRS2004 fans and here you can find their contribution : rollingstock, objects, layouts and scenarios. Just check it. Registration is recommended.


It's a site also dedicated to Trainz and TRS2004, with a lot of projects, workshops and creations submitted. Also there is a media section with screenshots, short movies and a section where you can read different articles about the game.


A German Fan site, with a lot of great content, most of them are models or objects specific to their country and it's also recommended to be visited.


KlausM homepage, there you can found detailed catenary and signalling systems of German Railways


A new site dedicated to Trainz Community, from Romania, with nice locomotives, traincars, trackside objects and other TRS related add-ons.


Trainz and TRS2004 polish site. A large content is present, you can find layouts, locomotives, buildings, cars, engines and a lot of other objects.